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As crucial, the safety and reliability are a goal for us in design and production of lifesaving equipment. All efforts are aimed in that direction, no matter what is the issue:

DESIGN – equipment is designed to be user’s friendly, simple to use, easy to maintain, stable under rough sea condition.

PRODUCTION – done in own workshops, certified by leading world’s authorities and national, Croatian Register of shipping; subcontractors are well known and reliably companies.

QUALITY CONTROL - qulity and rigorous test are reguraly done during production and delivery by own quality control department and appointed marine register.

AFTER SALES & SERVICE – no matter where, prompt reply in world wide service network available. Montmontaža-Greben has a possibility and experience in delivery of lifeboats with davits and winches for following vessel’s types: - merchant ships (tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, etc.)
-cruise ships & ferries,
-offshore platform (gas or oil).Generally, the lifesaving equipment Montmontaža-Greben’s production may be divided in two main groups:


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