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greben_zgrada Shipyard MONTMONTAZA-GREBEN Ltd. is located on the island Korcula in the Croatia, on the Adriatic sea in Mediterannean area. The total plant area covers 50.000 m2, 25.000 m2 of which is in enclosed premises with all necessary equipment. MONTMONTAZA-GREBEN Ltd today employs 130 employees, and has its own design - technological offices, laboratories and over 80% of all the products manufactured are Greben's own project made.

In our facilities we have produced a variety of vessels made of wood, metal, aluminium alloy and GRP. Lifesaving equipment and other GRP vessels are produced in controlled environment under supervision of all Classification Societies (Lloyd Register, Bureau Veritas, NMD, RINA, DNV, RMRS ...)

From the begining of a project, from purchasing raw and other materials, during the manufacturing, the prototype testing and trials before delivery, as well as on board testing, the representative of Classification Society are present as Supervisor body. Upon all needing tests it will issue the Certificates for a.m. equipment.

greben_shipyard Shipyard Montmontaza Greben has produced fishing vessels up to 50m, small sport vessels up to 7m, rescue and fast rescue boats made of aluminum alloy and GRP, fast patrol boats up to 24m, landing crafts, minehunter and other military and police boats. Cranes, davits and winches for lifesaving program are produced in metal construction facilities.
Shipyard GREBEN has a good reputation and presents one of the leading manufacturers of lifesaving equipment in Europe ( davits, winches, lifeboats...) Also it exports over 70% of the total production to the various countries worldwide to Europe, Africa and Asia.







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