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Montmontaza Greben shipyard specialises in the building of fishing vessels and other floating objects made of glass-reinforced polyesther. We have always had a tradition of constructing fishing vessels. Since 1948 when the Shipyard was first founded, the building of fishing vessels was commenced, and during this period of more than thirty years we have been constructing ships using the latest technological methods in the construction of fishing vessels, some of these ships even attaining the length of 30 metres.

Today Montmontaza Greben has the most up-to-date equipment in its new building halls which are designed for the application of the modern technology for the construction of fishing vessels of glass-reinforced polyesther. Ships are built in accordance with the requirements of: the Croatian Register of Shipping, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, the Russian Maritime Register of Ships and all other Societies, as requested by the Purchaser.

Montmontaza GREBEN constructs all its fishing vessels, which are made of glassreinforced polyesther, in accordance with its own proven tecnology and designs them in its own drawing office. We also have our own up-to-date equipped laboratories which keep in touch with tecnological advances in this field, and we collaborate with well-known Institutes for shipbuilding, fishery and raw materials. Experts for fishing tecnology advise in the design and construction of our ships.



  • - it is economical
  • - it is practical for fishing
  • - it has good maritime qualities
  • - it is comfortable for crew

Montmontaza GREBEN fishing vessels are designed and built in a sandwich construction which gives better thermal and sound insulation qualities, offers exceptional mechanical properties and thereby contributes to the soundness of such vessels.

Even after long service and under very strenuous working conditions our ships qualities are unimpaired, because the materials are resistant to salt-water, atmospheric conditions, sun-rays, moisture and heat.

fish03 At the same time they possess excellent thermal and electric properties and chemical resistance, and that is why vessels made of GRP have considerable advantages over those ships which are built from the classic materials (wood, metal, aluminium).

The fish holds are spacious and economical, as they do not require special maintenance. Our fishing vessel made of glass-reinforced polyesther is constructed and intended for fishing within a 200 nautical mile limit.






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