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At the premises of Montmontaža-Greben a ceremony was held to mark the laying of the keel for the Croatian training ship, type logger. Contract on financing the construction of the training ship ''Loger'' was signed on December 13, 2007 between the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and the shipyard Montmontaža-Greben. The contract was signed due to increasing necessity for practical training of future navy officers, as well as for the needs of merchant navy and warcraft, members of which are trained on naval schools and faculties, all in accordance with the requirements of International Convention on Standard Seamen Training.


The total value of the ship is 32 million kunas, and the delivery is expected in June, 2009. This ship is of the logger type, it is a sailing vessel with auxiliary motor, and with two masts. The main dimensions of the ship are: length 35 m, and width 8.55 m; and it can carry 28 students, 4 professors and the crew members.


The ship is being constructed according to designing project of the Ship Institute in Zagreb. It is almost incredible that a naval country such as Croatia sould have waited for hundred years before building a new training ship. The last training ship used for practical education, ''Vila Velebita'', was built in 1908. for the needs of naval school in Bakar. After she sunk during the Second World War, pupils and students of naval scools and faculties used adapted fishing boats and obsolete liners for training.


The ceremony was attended by the State Secretary for the Sea Branko Bačić, by Mario Babić, Assistent of the Minister Božidar Kalmeta, and by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, of the harbour master's offices and their branch offices, by head leaders of the municipality of Vela Luka, of the Croatian Shipbuilding and of the Croatian Register of Shipping.


Petar Franulović, general manager of the shipyard ''Greben'', thanked the Croatian Government for financing the construction of the training ship ''Loger'' which would be the feather in the cap of Croatian shipbuilding. ''This is indeed a major recognition of our shipyard, which celebrates its 60th aniversary.''


According to Branko Bačić, the State Secretary for the Sea: ''The construction of the training ship for the practical education of future seamen is the fifth programme which is being financed by the Croatian Government for developing the naval orientation of Croatia before entering the EU.''


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